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Akatsuki Overlord - Deidara
Akatsuki Overlord - Deidara

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PostSubject: In Defense   In Defense Icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2008 5:15 pm

Here's some stuff I posted on a different forum in a Naruto discussion, in defense of the Akatsuki and also about them in general. I thought everyone might like to see it, just in case they need some good examples of how the Akatsuki are wonderful. I have anikoku's response to my comments, too. amuse

anikoku's first remark about them:
Quote :
I just... I have a strong emotional attachment to the Akatsuki, I flippin love every single one of them. I mean, I like the Konoha duds all and all, but I'm not that upset about Jiraiya right now.
I hate how all the Akatsuki are dying, it's really hurting me to see them drop, one by one. They're all so unique in their own way, and I think they are awesome. So Sasuke really, really doesn't have the best record with me. Or Kakashi.

My response:
Quote :
On the subject of the Akatsuki that was brought up by anikoku about a page ago, I totally support her (just not as dramatically). I personally adore the Akatsuki, and I hate seeing them being plucked off like bugs. They're too good to die so easily. I suppose that their demise is slightly unavoidable. I understand where everyone on "the good side" is coming from, like how the Akatsuki are out to rule the world, and they want the bijuu's powers, and they plan to get them by killing people. Yet, how can you not become attached to the Akatsuki? Their powers are all unique and each of them are amazing in their own way. They're a group of S-Class criminals, rogue nin who have joined together for one cause. To rule the world. They just want to get rid of all of the useless wars between countries and shinobi villages. And they're people too. Yeah, they might be serial killers and freaks, but they ARE... human... in the end, aren't they?

Then this from anikoku:
Quote :
I feel like the Akatsuki are more than just the enemies they were put in the manga for. Really, they've grown on me so much. It seems that Kishimoto-sama doesn't care for elaborating on them, but I like to think that each of them have personalities much more complex and unique than the manga portrays. I wish they had stayed with us for longer, I wish that we could have learned more about them. Now the Akatsuki's numbers are just dwindling, and I'm pretty sure that Kishimoto isn't going to go back to revisit the Akatsuki, despite their popularity. They will all eventually be defeated, and everyone will be happy, right? I'm driving myself into depression, I swear.

After that, from me:
Quote :
I agree. I beleive that a good character is the kind that their creator know everything about. Their interests, their preferences, and their personal thoughts about things. Kishimoto-sensei obviously didn't spend any time at all thinking about those things for the Akatsuki. From the way he portrays them in the manga, he doesn't seem like them very much. Sure, they're the "evil/bad" characters, but still. The "evil/bad" characters need just as much time spent on making their characters as the "good" characters. The fans would understand them better and understand the conflict between the two sides better if they had the personal opinions of all members of each side.

They are actually pretty popular, but even that doesn't make Kishimoto-sensei give them a little bit more attention and revisit them. Their numbers are going down, so what's going to happen after they're gone? They've been a huge part of Naruto from the very beginning, a constant threat toward Naruto and the other "good" characters. If they were gone, a gigantic amount of the "evil" in Naruto would be completely eliminated, with Orochimaru AND the Akatsuki out of the picture. There wouldn't be anymore interesting fight scenes between exciting and interesting characters that come from different sides anymore, just fights between the Konoha nin. Naruto would be dull without anyone for the "good" characters to fight against. The Akatsuki are more important than anyone, even Kishimoto-sensei himself, realizes.

I hope it was interesting to read that!
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