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 Message Board Rules

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PostSubject: Message Board Rules   Message Board Rules Icon_minitimeWed Jan 16, 2008 2:33 pm

These are the rules. We'd appreciate if you tried to follow them, but we know that accidents can happen.

1. Please don't insult/disrespect the mods/admin. We are not computers. We have feelings.
2. Credit any fanart (whether off Deviantart, a Japanese fan site, etc.) you post. Same applies to other fandom materials (icons, banners, fanfiction, information).
3. Please label adult-oriented material and spoiler content accordingly and appropriately.
4. We won't be specific about image size, but that doesn't mean you can make it hard for others by clogging the page with huge images. If you want to inclue large images, put them in spoiler boxes, please.
5. Please limit signature pictures to 500x300.
6. Strike One, You're Out policy applies here. Don't want to be treated like a troll, don't act like one.
7. Do NOT carry on off topic two people conversations in threads. Your posts WILL be deleted.
8. Do not quote within a quote within a quote with a quote, etc. Your posts WILL be edited.
9. No multi-posting. Double posting is okay, not multi. Posts will be edited.
10. Bashing, insulting, or putting down the Akatsuki is strictly forbidden, and offending posts WILL be deleted upon sight.
11. No text talk.
12. If you are here under false pretenses (such as pretending you are a Akatsuki fan, but really aren't and you're causing trouble) you will be banned.
13. The forum staff reserve the right to delete any any thread, post, or comment deemed too controversial or may lead to shipping wars or any kind of wars.
14. Do not quote members from other message boards to mock them.
15. Do not discuss what is said on other message boards in too much of a negative manner.
16. Do not discuss pairings outside of their separate areas in the Pairings Appreciation section, unless it is specified that you may discuss them in the particular topic or category you are posting in.
17. Your username cannot be an Akatsuki member's name. We will change it to something else if you break this rule.
18. Please, PLEASE do not get off topic. If you have anything to say to a specific member, either PM them, or say so in another post with on-topic information afterward/before.

Admin and moderator reserve the right to add and/or change these rules should they need it.
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Akatsuki Overlord - Deidara
Akatsuki Overlord - Deidara

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PostSubject: Rules for each section   Message Board Rules Icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2008 8:43 am

These are the links to the rules for each section that are added to the rules above. Not every section has rules yet/requires additional rules.

Rules for Individual Discussion

Rules for Pairings Appreciation

Please read over these rules, and respect them. If you accidentally forget a rule, or if you violate them without knowing, we understand.

Admin and moderator reserve the right to add and/or change these rules should they need it.

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Message Board Rules
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