The Dawning of the Red Moon- The Akatsuki
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 Ch 392 Discussion

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PostSubject: Ch 392 Discussion   Ch 392 Discussion Icon_minitimeFri Mar 07, 2008 5:40 pm

I suck, I know. I really do. But if you have the heart to forgive me, here is the latest chapter of Naruto.

Naruto Chapter 392 - Susano'o

Sorry, guys. The RAW isn't out yet.

Download at or

Read online at


Well, my angst session is over 'cause to me, this chapter is merry merry. *burns offerings to Kishimoto*

Let's start with the chapter cover.

A chapter cover featuring Tobi at his prime! I wonder how many solo Akatsuki chapter covers we have now?
I challenge somebody to find them all!

Anyway, the tables seem to keep turning. Looks like Itachi-san's gonna be the victor now (do I sound like Zetsu-sempai?)!
I'm really happy for him, because I really was worried. Looks like Kishi-sama's going to drag this out further. But I look at the situation like this. Sorry Sasuke fangirls, but I think he's finished. He has 0 chakra, he used up his special move "Kirin", he used up Orochimaru's chakra. He's a gonner, guys. Itachi still has one of his 3 great tecniques intact. Which I think is pretty amazing.

Susano seems to be pretty strong, seeing how he took down Orochimaru so easily. It's really a magnificant attack! I was surprised to see Orochimaru, though. I guess a part of him was living inside Sasuke this whole time. But even with Orochimaru's powers, Sasuke has not been able to succeed. Like I said, he has no chakra, and he's physically exhausted. I hope that the sealing sword Itachi used has not drained him of his powers. I hope Susano will last a little longer for him. I hope damn Sasuke's eyeballs are gorged out (like I said, I'm really sorry, Sasuke fans).

Personally, I think it was funny how fast Orochimaru was defeated. It was just like that; and I was laughing. And how the whole time, Itachi's being so cool about this?
"All right, Sasuke. Got anything else?"
"Sasuke, are you really out of tecniques? If you've got any moves up your sleeve... I suggest you try them now."

Squee 1 Squee 1 Squee 1 Squee 1 Squee 1 heart heart heart heart panic run panic run panic run panic run

I can't wait to see next chapter. I'm really excited/nervous/worried! >_<

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Akatsuki Overlord - Deidara

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PostSubject: Re: Ch 392 Discussion   Ch 392 Discussion Icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2008 4:01 pm

*wordlessly sobs*


(I love Itachi's last action though... SO SWEEEET!!!! *violin tiem!!!*)

"Mafia guys always score."
Got it memorized?
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Ch 392 Discussion
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