The Dawning of the Red Moon- The Akatsuki
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 Ch 400 Discussion

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PostSubject: Ch 400 Discussion   Ch 400 Discussion Icon_minitimeWed May 21, 2008 6:12 pm

Holy sh*t, Kishimoto-sama has done it again! Naruto is turning out to be a masterpiece indeed.

Sorry, but I'm too lazy to post links. Why? Because it's already Wednesday. But you guys can manage on your own, I suppose.


Itachi's got to be a god.

Seriously, at this point, Itachi is the ultimate moral good. Praise him!

Itachi the pacifist

If there' one thing that surprised me, it's this. Uchiha Itachi, master of genjutsu. I thought that he would be pretty sadistic. But no; look at this. "A peaceful man who hated conflict"? Itachi-san, how far can you go on the path of good!? Man, do I love you. But Danzou and those other sleazy elders. They used Itachi's love of his village. I really hate them for that. Itachi.. Itachi is so incredibly kind-hearted. So incredibly sweet. He deserves so much.

His mission

To think it was so hard on Itachi. With Sasuke's flashbacks of his past in Part 1, we didn't even get half the story. Yet here we are now, and the bitter irony of the whole thing. To think that Itachi was the good one this whole time. I believed it in my heart, but to have the actual proof to support you? I can't love Kishimoto-sama enough for this. It must have been so tough on Itachi. The pressure.. can you imagine? Yet he knew how the Uchiha's betrayal would affect the shinobi world, and Itachi.. he took it on by himself. It's amazing how brave, noble... how kind, how strong. Sacrificing his life and honor. Everything, he had to take on.

Unable to kill his own brother

THE BLOODY ULTIMATE PROOF! In my opinion, everything has unfolded. Itachi's life was filled with suffering; yet he is one of the kindest beings on Earth. What Itachi did for Sasuke was unbelieveable. The extent to which he sacrificed his whole life for Sasuke, his dear brother. It brings tears to my eyes, to think about Itachi. He begged to the 3rd Hokage. He wanted to protect Sasuke, he wanted Sasuke to be proud of his clan, despite how shameful the clan had been. He wanted Sasuke to be happy. And even with the horrible mission that changed Sasuke's life, Itachi still tried so hard to keep Sasuke smiling. Because Sasuke is so precious to him. To not be able to tell the truth.. no matter how much Itachi wanted to say "I love you. I care about you." he couldn't. He had to keep the truth within himself, knowing that Sasuke hated him, knowing there was nothing he could do about it. He planned his own death, because he wanted Sasuke to have power. Down to the very last detail, Itachi.. Itachi destroyed his own life so Sasuke's could be better. The amount of compassion.. nobody can say Itachi is evil anymore.

Sasuke the stupid, ignorant bastard

And yet the idiot still doesn't accept it. I want to tear Uchiha Sasuke apart, for so many reasons. Despite how bad he was, Itachi loved him. Why doesn't he appreciate it!? He'd better. He'd better be regretful. I'm getting damn tired of that stupid stupid ego. This is why I hate Uchiha Sasuke. I hate hate hate him. Lies? Lies!? You can keep telling yourself that, but the truth is: you're the sinner, Sasuke. IN YOUR FACE.
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Ch 400 Discussion
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